My music library has millions of songs from every era and genre. I can keep your party moving with dance-pop, rock, rap, big-band, swing, oldies, polkas, country, jazz, adult contemporary, easy listening, all the classics, novelty dances and more. I’m ready with the latest dance hit or that special song for an older relative’s request.

3-Way Music Mix
It takes more than lots of songs to make a great event. How you weave them together matters too. My exclusive 3-way music mix keeps the dance floor packed.

I place request forms on your guests’ tables at the beginning of the night, so they can request their favorites. I even bring multiple colors to match your decorations. When people request a song, they’re volunteering to dance.

I collect your requests from the Reception Planner and during our Pre-Event Consultation.

Then I combine your requests with your guests’ and mix in my extensive experience to create a music mix that fills the floor. The right songs, at the right time, in the right order, that’s reception perfection.