10 Tips for a Great Wedding Reception

Over the the course of 1200 wedding receptions, I’ve learned secrets to successful events. Here are some suggestions for making your wedding reception the best it can be. Of course, the best way to ensure a great time is to hire Reception Perfection to provide the music. But even if you don’t, we still wish you the best and hope these ideas help you achieve it.

Wedding Reception Tips

You have spent hours of time and thousands of dollars preparing for your wedding and reception. It’s vital that it turn out well. These tips can help.

1. Break the ice and fill the floor. The number of people dancing at nine o’clock depends on what you have them doing between 6 and 8pm. If you get people involved early with fun, interactive activities, they’ll be more likely to dance later. Reception Perfection can recommend, and then handle, these kinds of activities.

2. Creative Kissing Games. One way to break the ice is with creative kissing games. They make for fun entertainment during dinner and improve dance involvement later. After all, if you’ve kissed in front of the whole audience, dancing is no big deal. Here are some options.

Sing-for-a-Smooch: Rather than banging their glasses, have guests stand and sing a line from any song containing the word “love.” Once they’ve been serenaded, the bride and groom reward the crooners with a smooch. I will explain everything to your guests and even demonstrate by singing the first song. Not only is it lots of fun, but it also helps your guests get to know the other people at their table as they brainstorm for songs.

Guest Book Copy Kiss: When guests tap their glasses, call a couple from the guest book and have them kiss. When they’re done, the bride and groom exactly copy the kiss. You can even plant the names of friends and family with me . It’s lots of fun and is sure to make a memory or two.

Combination: Start by singing-for-a-smooch, and then switch to the guest book copy kiss.

Bride and Groom Trivia: Place a list of 20 trivia questions on each table at your reception. The bride and groom will kiss each time a table correctly answers a question. I can go table to table with my wireless microphone reading the questions and collecting the answers.

Putting Green Kiss: Bring a putting practice green, a club and a few balls. Invite guests to try their luck. Give them three shots to make one. The bride and groom will kiss for each made shot. Add some fun by making the golfers kiss their honey if they miss!

3. Pray before you toast. If there will be a prayer at your reception, offer it before any toasts. People will quiet down more quickly for prayer than for a toast. You get a nice, quiet crowd for the prayer and you don’t mind when the energy builds during the toast.

4. Use a professional emcee. It takes more than public speaking skills to host a successful wedding reception. It takes humor, a sense of timing and a thorough understanding of every wedding reception event. If things begin to drag, your guests will leave. Most receptions are ruined, not by time taken by each event, but instead by the time lost between them. Once again, Reception Perfection can help. From the introduction of the bridal party through the very last dance, I know what to do and when to do it to ensure a great time. And, not only will I navigate your party through prayers and toasts and buffet lines, I’ll do it in a way that is fun and entertaining for your guests. My experience at more than 1200 wedding receptions will make yours a success too.

5. Don’t try to program all the music yourself. Remember these key facts.

1. Only about 65 songs (4 hours divided by 3.5 minutes per song) will be played at your reception.

2. Your guests will be of all ages and have their own musical tastes

3. Your DJ has tremendous experience creating dance-floor-filling music mixes.

Try this. Limit your requests to a handful of songs that you really want to hear, make sure your guests can request their favorites, and then trust your DJ to put it all together.

6. Use interactivity to build and maintain momentum. Have your DJ lead line dances like “The Hussle”, novelty dances like the Chicken Dance or the Hokey Pokey and other interactive numbers—even if you don’t care to do them yourself. Most people love these novelty dances and they are a great way to give your party a boost throughout the night. Including them in your reception will keep your guests involved and having a good time.

7. Cell Phone Paparrazzi. Ask your guests to capture photo opportunities on their cell phones throughout the night and post them to social media with a special hashtag (e.g., #gregandamywedding. I can explain the idea and announce your hashtag. The day after your wedding, search the hashtag to find hundreds of memories captured through your guests’ eyes.

8. Dance before you greet. Before you greet your guests table-to-table—a process that can take more than an hour—take a moment to dance the formal dances like the bridal dance, the bridal party dance, and the father/bride dance. Once those are done, general dancing can begin while you greet your guests.

9. Factor the dance floor into seating plans. Seat your older guests further from, and your younger guests nearer to the dance floor. Each group will be happier and stay longer.

10. Hire Reception Perfection. We think this may be the very best tip for ensuring a successful reception or party. Contact & Booking for Reception Perfection.

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