How to Choose Dinner Music for Your Wedding Reception

Music plays an important role in a successful wedding reception and that role begins well before the dancing starts.  The right music can enhance other parts of your event like the cocktail reception and dinner. Done right, it can even contribute to better dance participation later on.


Take it from the top
It’s best to have music playing from the moment your guests begin to arrive.  If your wedding was at a different location than the reception, it may take a while for the room to fill up.  Without music, the space could feel cold and empty and that’s not the vibe you want for your party.  Music makes the room feel warm, inviting and festive, even if only a few guests are present.

Tap your toe, but don’t shake your booty
Avoid playing music that makes your guests want to dance until it’s time for them to dance.  Playing a dance hit or a favorite oldie during dinner will just frustrate your guests.  Plus, if they want to hear that song again once the dancing starts, you’ll be repeating songs.  Instead, choose music that sets a backdrop for conversation, not back-beat for dancing.

No words
Instrumental music works best during cocktail and dinner.  That’s because your guests are trying to talk to each other during those times and songs with singing tend to interfere with conversation much more than instrumental numbers.  When your guests can talk easily during dinner, they build relationships that payoff with better dance participation throughout the night.

If you hired Reception Perfection to DJ your wedding, then you can relax and know I’ll play the perfect music for every part of your special night.  If you haven’t hired a DJ yet, then please check the Reception Perfection calendar to see if I’m available.   If you’ve already hired another DJ, then consider discussing these tips with him or her.


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